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Two Key Success Factors for Your Profitable Ticket Sales

Posted by Gabriela dos Santos on Oct 28, 2020 10:07:00 AM


Would you like to have successful ticket sales? In addition to a proven and professional system that offers you, among other things, security, is constantly being further developed and updated, requires low implementation costs and with which you can enter the market within the shortest possible time, two decisive factors must be fulfilled.


With an innovative ticketing system under your own brand, in which you and your organizers can

  • set up events in minutes
  • sell tickets with accurate seating capacity
  • have free choice of means of payment
  • sell tickets across national borders and in multiple languages
  • have a wide range of options for access control and daytime cash register systems
  • have a choice of tailor-made integration options
  • benefit from flexible promocode functions

you have pretty much everything you need from a technical perspective.


Moreover, if you for example already know which processes you can, must or want to outsource, which thanks to a flexible and modular system is possible, there is practically nothing standing in your way.


TICKETINO White Label success factors


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Having a fully functioning ticketing system in the wings is all well and good, but even the best system with all the necessary functionalities that you and your organizers need for profitable ticket sales will ultimately go nowhere if the following two important factors are not met:



Access to the market

The most important factor for success is access to the market, respectively to events or event organizers. In the ideal case you are already meeting this requirement, because you run a ticketing business with your own but outdated system or a third-party system, or because you organize events with sufficiently large ticket volumes. However, it is also possible to launch a startup, for example in a developing market with potential or to open a new business segment (diversification) if you operate a media company or similar.



Some capital

The TICKETINO White Label software distinguishes itself with a short time to market. Depending on your personal requirements you can start your own ticket sales with the software, just a few weeks after contract closing. In addition, your fixed costs for the implementation are very low.


Please note, however, that development costs are expected depending on requirements for special solutions or for custom ticket shops programmed on TICKETINO’s REST-API. Depending on your business model you should also set aside sufficient budget for customer acquisition and marketing geared towards ticket buyers.


To learn what the TICKETINO White Label System can offer you, download the White Paper, in which the advantages, target groups, functionalities, processes to outsource and much more are briefly explained.


Download White Paper


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